Gardner Denver


The best offer on the market!

Gardner Denver is a world leader in compressor production. The brand, which has existed since 1858, has 40 factories in Europe, Asia and the USA. Gardner Denver is recognized globally for its superior quality products. It has a complete line of innovatively designed, easy-to-maintain products.

Our partner makes it a point of honor to obtain maximum efficiency for its compressors. This is possible thanks to a heat recovery option, an advanced controller system and an innovative design.



Optimizes compressed air filtration

Parker - Domnick-Hunter is a specialist in filtration and separation techniques when compressed air and gas purity, product quality and technical performance are required.

Parker - Domnick-Hunter delivers gas generators and air treatment products that take into account reduced maintenance costs and energy savings.



An expert for industrial or medical vacuum production

Designer and manufacturer of vacuum systems for industry, Mil's offers rotary vane pumps, blowers, blowers, boxes and complete automatic control units.

Specialist in medical vacuum for many years, Mil's equips more than 3.500 health care institutions throughout the world and allows to reach the medical CE label according to the current standard.



Specialist in compressed air treatment

FST is a specialist partner for compressed air and condensate treatment: a market segment with a great need for innovative, energy-efficient and economical solutions that spare resources and the environment.
Their goal is your satisfaction!

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