Adsorption dryers

sécheur par adsorption

Adsorption dryers are designed to obtain a pressure dew point (PDP) lower than -40°C. Usually -25° and -40°C. For critical applications, they can be sized to reach -70°C. Based on proven principles and design, our adsorption dryers offer the best quality/price ratio.

sécheur par adsorption

What are the advantages of an adsorption dryer?

  • Capable of achieving an extremely low PDP (up to -70°C), ideal for critical applications that require very dry air or are performed in freezing conditions.
  • Reasonable operating costs compared to the higher PDP obtained.
  • Relatively high energy efficiency.
  • Heatless adsorption dryers can be pneumatically activated to operate efficiently in remote or hazardous locations.
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Technical specifications : 

  • Dew point : 
    - 40°C or lower
  • Flows : 
    no limitation 
  • Principles of regeneration : 
    • Heatless
    • Heatregenerated (internal or external heating or heat of compression)
    • By vacuum
    • With low energy consumption (DDS)

Documentations : 

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