High-pressure compressors

The dry and oil-less piston compressors developed and produced by Haug are characterized by their reliability and long service life. The modular system of Haug compressors allows the most diverse applications to be carried out. Depending on the customer's requirements, the compressors are sold with several compression stages, suction pressure, water or air tightness and in a 100% sealed design for gas compression. Thanks to their reliability, these oil-less compressors are well established in all sectors where quality is required.

Compresseur à piston

Oil-less compression

Haug compressors do not require any oil in the entire construction, neither in the guide and compression elements nor in the drive unit. These compressors have proven themselves for decades, even under difficult operating and climatic conditions.

The powertrain unit

The crank drive is realized by means of special patented roller bearings. They are lubricated for life with synthetic lubricants and hermetically sealed without contact. The service life of the roller bearings is between 10,000 and 20,000 operating hours, depending on the model and application.

Technical specifications : 

  • Final pressures :
    up to 450 bar
  • Electrical power :
    from 0,5 to 75 kW
  • Range of flow rates : 
    1 stage: up to 800 m³/hour
    2 stages: up to 400m³/hour
    3 stages: up to 200 m³/hour
    4 stages: up to 100m³/hour

Documentation : 

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