Nitrogen generators

Why generate nitrogen?

Although nitrogen is ubiquitous in the air we breathe (up to 78%), its industrial application is often not well known to the general public.

However, nitrogen is used in various industrial sectors, from modified atmosphere packaging for perishable food products to fire and explosion prevention in chemical plants.

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How can Elneo help you to generate nitrogen?

Our close relationship with major manufacturers such as Sysadvance for your nitrogen needs allows us to have an in-depth knowledge when it is to generate nitrogen in industry. This, in addition to the experience acquired by our experts during several different projects, gives us the possibility to accompany you throughout the life of your project: from the dimensioning of the installation, to the maintenance of your generator, while passing by the assembly in your compressed air installation.

Our nitrogen generators can provide very high qualities in terms of nitrogen purity (up to 99.999 %). This system makes it possible to replace gas cylinders which are much more restrictive and less economical, making the investment profitable very quickly! The wide range of generators that we offer allows us to find a tailor-made solution according to your nitrogen needs. Indeed, the modular aspect of the installation makes it possible to harmonize with your consumption, but also with particular environments depending on your premises.


Examples of nitrogen applications...


Food :

The most common technique for controlling the level of oxygen in contact with packaged food is the use of nitrogen as a blanketing gas, which provides the following benefits :

  • Prevents oxidation of the product ;
  • Prevents undesirable consequences of exposure to bacteria, fungi and insects ;
  • Increases the shelflife of the product ;
  • Reduces the number of returns of defective products;
  • Allows the shipment of products to distant markets.


Wine production :

Nowadays, there are several techniques, applied all over the world, to control the level of oxygen in contact with the wine. The most widespread technique consists of the application of nitrogen for the elimination of oxygen at certain stages of the wine production process, such as :

  • Nitrogen inerting of fermentation barrels ;
  • Cleaning of tubes by blowing nitrogen ;
  • Mixing inside the barrels by bubbling nitrogen ;
  • Inerting of the top of the storage barrels;
  • Inerting of the bottle in the blower.


Pharmaceutical industries :

Most often pharmaceutical industries use nitrogen as an inert gas for the packaging, transport and storage of pharmaceutical products.

Inertization (blanketing) is a common process in the pharmaceutical industry, where it is used to improve product quality, reduce water vapor, oxygen content and avoid adverse reactions. It is also used to increase safety by inhibiting combustion and preventing fires and explosions.


Metallurgy :

The metallurgical industry uses nitrogen as an inert gas for exploitation and production in the following applications :

  • Blanketing ;
  • Heat treatment;
  • Aluminum extrusion;
  • Aluminum casting ;
  • Foundry (iron, copper, aluminum, alloys) ;
  • Laser and plasma cutting.
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How does it work?

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The advantages of PSA...

  • Economy :
    90% reduction in the cost of nitrogen
  • Ease:
    Elimination of logistical and administrative operations
  • Continuous availability :
    Elimination of orders and deliveries
  • Modularity :
    Your installation grows with you
  • Robustness, reliability and durability 
    Reduced maintenance
  • Security
    Ready-to-use engineering solutions 

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