Oil-free water-injected screw compressors


Industries, large or small, that require the highest quality compressed air can rely on the partnership between ALMIG and Elneo compressors to provide them with oil-free compressed air in the most demanding situations. The main applications are the pharmaceutical sector, the food industry where compressed air comes into direct contact with the products, the technological (laboratory, electronics) and chemical industries.

The LENTO series is certified oil-free according to ISO 8573-1 (TüV Rheinlad), which means that the air leaving the compressor does not contain any detectable oil. The water lubrication combined with the compression temperature and pressure generates a "washing" effect of the compressed air. The reduction of particles, bacteria and germs is significant.

Another advantage of water lubrication is its high heat absorption capacity, which is superior to other fluids. This limits the temperature rise during compression and allows for closer approximation to isothermal compression, for better energy efficiency.

ALMIG Lento - Courbe Isotherme

Simple and effective water treatment system

The LENTO compressor has its own water treatment and regeneration system. The integrated refrigeration dryer removes most of the water from the compressed air produced and re-injects it into the circuit. A sacrificial anode neutralises the corrosive effect of the water and balances it in terms of minerals. A water filter ensures the final quality before returning to the screw block. Thanks to this design, the LENTO can regenerate its water every 8 hours of operation at nominal speed.

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Integrated refrigeration dryer

Operating at a lower T° than a conventional compressor (approx. 60°C) allows optimal operation of the refrigeration dryer and ensures a dew point of the outlet air of between 3°C and 6°C (depending on the charge rate), which makes an additional refrigeration dryer unnecessary in many applications.

LENTO Compressor

Technical specifications : 

  • Power : from 15kw to 110kw
  • Pressure : from 5 Bar to 10 Bar
  • All models are variable speed
  • Small footprint
  • Air cooled (up to 75kw) or water cooled

Documentations :

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