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Why is it required to have a compressed air receiver?

A buffer tank is required to ensure the proper functioning of a compressed air (or vacuum) system.

This tank has several functions:

  • Storage of compressed air
  • Pulsations dampening (rapid pressure changes) usually caused by reciprocating compressors.
  • Condensate separation
  • Thermal homogenization
  • Reduction of compressor power consumption
  • Air temperature reduction

Elneo has a complete range of receivers to meet all your needs. We can adapt to any size according to your storage needs, or the space actually available on your premises.

Reliability of your installation is our main concern. Reason why the tanks we supply are sturdy and of a long service life, guaranteeing the profitability of your investment. Of course, our qualified teams will take care of connecting the tank efficiently to your compressed air system. You have nothing to worry about.

All our tanks are equipped with a pressure gauge and a safety valve allowing you to monitor your compressed air network and avoid any accidental overpressure.

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Technical specifications : 

  • Certifications according to directives 87/404/EC, 2009/105/EC and 2014/68/EU
  • Equipped with legal accessories (safety valve, pressure gauge, manual drain valve)
  • Construction according to specifications

Documentation :

Our other peripherals for compressed air

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