AirLease: compressor leasing


Why buy the machines when all you need is compressed air?

This is the thought that led us to propose our new offer: AirLease.

The purchase and installation of a compressed air system can represent a lot of money to your wallet and we are aware of this. That is why Elneo can also offer you the possibility of leasing your compressed air.

We will adapt completely to your needs and provide you with a monthly subscription that includes the sizing, installation and maintenance of your compressed air system: you don't have to worry about it!

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How does it work?

Not everyone's air quality and quantity requirements are the same, depending on the sector you are in. We will provide you with the most suitable compressors for your needs based on the study of our experts.

The air purity you require will determine the peripheral equipment of the compressor. Depending on the purity of the air, we will adapt your plant with filters, refrigerant or adsorption dryers, a tank and a condensate treatment system.

Finally, we can also offer you other additional options such as:

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    What's in it for you?

    • Keep your wallet happy: no need to pay the full cost of the installation at once
    • You don't have to worry about anything! We take care of it:
      • Sizing
      • Installation
      • Maintenance: servicing, repairs, spare parts
    • The guarantee of an air quality that meets your needs
    • If your needs change, we adapt the installation free of charge every 5 years
    • The installation remains the property of Elneo:
      • Total guarantee from Elneo
      • You no longer have to worry about what to do with your old machines

    Below are a few examples of the plant configurations available for leasing:


    Compressor VS 75kW

    The 75kW variable speed lubricated screw compressor, very popular with our customers, has quickly become one of our bestsellers.

    It can be installed and maintained in your company for the modest sum of 934€ per month.

    leasing compresseur 2

    Standard industrial installation:

    For only 838€ per month, you can have a complete industrial installation including:

    leasing compresseur 3

    Compressor ESM 22kW

    It is also possible to lease a basic installation, such as a 22kW lubricated screw fixed speed compressor.

    This can be installed and maintained in your company for only 313€ per month.

    leasing compresseur 4

    Complete installation to food industry standards

    The food sector is probably the sector with the most stringent requirements on the necessary air quality. Meeting these requirements often requires a significant investment in air handling equipment.

    AirLease saves you this burdensome investment and allows you to obtain, for 1.709€ per month, an installation of the machines below.

    *It is also possible to use oil-free compressors for this type of use.

    Conditions :

    1. This tariff applies to installations running 4000h/year
    2. The subscription is for a minimum period of 5 years. After the 5-year period, it is renewed by tacit agreement.
    3. The subscription prices are indexed each year on the anniversary date of the subscription
    4. Every 5 years, you have the right to modify your installation once according to changing needs by simply adapting its tariff plan to these new needs
    5. The installation remains the property of Elneo. Elneo therefore bears all costs of maintenance, repair or replacement of the equipment. You must nevertheless keep the installation in a suitable environment.
    6. The subscription price includes the installation of the system in your home. If the premises are difficult to access or if the space is very limited, extra charges may apply.
    7. Customised installations can also be offered as a subscription.
    8. The subscription is invoiced monthly.

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