Ecological buildings

Elneo's offices are part of an environmental approach: Canadian wells (natural alternatives to air conditioning), photovoltaic solar panels, sunscreens, solar sails, rainwater recovery and filtration, optimised management of energy consumption.

Batiments éco

Photovoltaic installation

  • 243 panels installed and solar tracker on our Awans site
  • 217 panels installed at our Wetteren siteSunscreens and solar sails

Sun protection grilles 

In summer, when the sun is high and the ambient temperature is high, these grilles allow us to have the glazing entirely in the shade, greatly reducing the heat gain. In winter, the low sunlight passes under the grilles directly through the glazing, providing us with some heat energy and light.

The domes of the atrium and halls are large skylights. In the summer, solar shades are automatically rolled out over these skylights, allowing sufficient light to pass through while significantly reducing the heat gain.

Canadian wells

At a depth of 2 meters, the soil temperature is +/- 14 °C in summer and winter. By circulating renewal air through pipes buried under the lawn, the air in our offices will be preheated in winter and will allow cooling in summer without energy input.

Rainwater recovery and optimised energy management

Our building is equipped with a rainwater harvesting system that reduces the consumption of drinking water. We also use an external company to optimise the management of our energy production and consumption, thus reducing our environmental impact.

Energy optimisation service and AirConnect

Although ecology is strongly integrated in our values, the compressors we sell are large consumers of electricity. This is why we have set up an Energy Optimisation service which aims to reduce electricity consumption as well as our customers' bills. The profitability of this service can be easily monitored thanks to our AirConnect service which makes it possible to connect your compressors by 4G and get energy reports of your compressor room's consumption.

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