Pressure reducing valves

Pressure regulators for laboratory and analysis

These regulators allow to manually adjust an outlet pressure (pressure reducer) or an inlet pressure (overflow) on a fluid (liquid or gas) compatible with the materials used.

  • Devices designed to regulate low pressures (< 35 bar) have a metal diaphragm. Sealing with respect to the outside is ensured by a metal-to-metal seal.
  • Devices for regulating high pressures (> 35 bar) have a piston. Sealing with respect to the outside is ensured by an elastomer or plastic seal.

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régulateurs de pression pour labo

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Industrial pressure regulators

Our range of industrial pressure regulators includes :

  • End of line discharge
  • Compressed air units
  • High-sensitivity controller
  • Regulator in AISI 316
  • High pressure brass regulator

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régulateurs de pression industriels

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Instrumentation controllers

Bellofram Marsh direct-acting, high performance air pressure regulators offer precise control, high accuracy, maximum stability, high flow and exhaust capabilities to support the most challenging OEM and industrial applications.

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régulateurs d'instrumentation

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Electro-pneumatic converters

Bellofram converters are electro-pneumatic devices that reduce their supply pressure to a precisely regulated output pressure, the level of which is directly proportional to the amplitude of an electrical control signal.

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convertisseurs électro-pneumatique

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Our other instrumentation products

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