Process electronics

Digital indicators

A range of fully programmable digital indicators that can be tailored to suit your applications. Their display allows a comfortable reading of the measurement, even from a great distance.

These indicators are equipped with a 4-key keypad, allowing direct access to programming, displayed in clear language.

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indicateurs digitaux


Measuring transducers

This range of measurement interface is easily programmable thanks to its 4 keys detachable keyboard. Its 4-digit alphanumeric display allows the reading of the measurement and the configuration.

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convertisseur de mesure


Threshold relays

The DAS10 and DASC10 limit switches from Sfere are programmable limit switches. Programming is done either via the control panel or via the PC software MCVision.

  • Universal power supply: 20 to 270 Vac and 20 to 300 Vdc
  • Universal input: +/- 100 mV; +/- 1 V; +/- 10 V; +/- 300 Vdc; +/- 20 mA Pt100 3 wires, Ni 100, thermocouple, resistance and potentiometer
  • Outputs: 2 changeover relays (8A / 250 Vac on resistive load)

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ATEX measurement electronics

Converters, threshold detectors and indicators designed according to the requirements of standards EN50014 (1997), EN50020 (2002) and EN50284 (1999) in accordance with the ATEX 94/9/CE directive.

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Electroniques de mesure ATEX


Flow computers

The SUPERTROL flow calculator meets the technical specifications required for a wide variety of flowmeters for liquid, gas or steam applications.

Several flow equations are available in a single instrument with many advanced features.

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flow computers



For precise automatic dosing of fluids.

Intelligent digital displays that can accept all types of signals from flow meters, allowing precise metering and performing the automatic commands necessary to pilot the open/close valve(s).

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