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Choosing your compressor, filters, dryer and pressure vessel is usually a matter that is well thought out and not taken lightly. 

What is often given less thought is the choice of compressed air network. By opening this page, you have already taken the first step towards thinking about it.

Through our partners, Elneo offers a wide range of products to create or modify your compressed air network. Our experts are at your side to guide you in the choice of the ideal equipment and accessories for an optimal solution.

We also have technicians who can install your compressed air network.

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A network with a future in aluminum

For us, this is the standard. We still install these typical blue pipes that have become an industry standard.

These systems have many advantages, the most important of which are listed below:

  • Aluminum does not rust, so there is no contamination 
  • Aluminum is very light: up to 6x lighter than steel alternatives, so you need far fewer brackets and less work to attach them. This lightness also allows for easy assembly with fewer personnel.
  • Aluminum systems have a completely smooth interior wall and our selected brands pay a lot of attention to the design of the fittings for perfect flow, so you'll have less turbulence and pressure drop.
  • You can't know what your business will look like in 5 years, flexibility is essential! That's why the systems we use are built on a modular system. Your required throughput changes? An additional production hall is planned? Or a new machine? With our solution, you can always adapt your network.
  • Except for a drill, an Allen key and a pipe cutter, no additional equipment is required for installation.



Transair tube is made of aluminum and is lighter than steel or copper tube. This makes Transair tubes easier to lift and handle. 

The couplings are ready to be installed: no preparation is required. You save time immediately thanks to the quick connection. The execution is very easy: no special training is required. Just cut the pipes to size and deburr them. The connection is seamless, not glued or welded. Once the fitting is mounted on the pipe, the connection is secure and ready to be pressurized.  

Transair uses calibrated tubing to ensure an optimal seal.

The parts are removable and interchangeable, so modifications can be made immediately and easily. All parts are quick-connecting, which makes installation much faster than with steel or copper systems. Any modification or extension of your Transair installation can be done very quickly to meet your production requirements.

The smooth internal surface of the connectors ensures a high flow rate and a low pressure drop in your compressed air network.


Traditional galvanized pipes

Since the invention of the compressor, galvanized steel pipes and fittings have been used to connect and pressurize the various components. These materials have been used for over 100 years and have not changed since then.

Although the fittings and hoses undergo a treatment that places a protective coating on the steel, it is still steel and, over time, it rusts. The rust that forms inside the pipe comes off piece by piece and is injected into the compressed air system. 

Because of the way this material is assembled, you also lose flexibility when expanding.

This way of installing compressed air systems is not sustainable. And has a very high cost in the long run, due to leaks, contamination and a large pressure drop. Like its PVC cousin, we do not recommend this solution and strongly advise you to turn to aluminum.

The advantage of this type of coupling is that it is very cheap.

perslucht netwerk

Elneo can supply these compressed air systems in a wide range of variants, thanks to recognized partners who place a high value on quality and innovation. Our key partner for this product range is Transair.


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