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Cylinders are part of the pneumatic actuator family. Their purpose is to move a load over a defined length or a given angle using the force generated by air pressure.

The force of a pneumatic actuator is defined by its size and pressure and is adjustable by means of a pressure regulator (pressure reducer). The speed of an actuator is a function of the exhaust air flow rate and is adjustable by means of a one-way exhaust air flow regulator.

Thanks to selected partners, Elneo offers you a wide range of pneumatic actuators and services. The standard products are available from stock and can be delivered within 24 hours, but it is also possible to configure your cylinder to measure, according to your needs.

Our experts are at your side to guide you in the selection of the ideal equipment and the necessary accessories for an optimal solution. Finally, we offer pneumatic diagrams and CAD files to design offices.

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Here are the main types of actuators encountered in industry:

Piston rod cylinders standardised to ISO 15552

It is the most popular linear cylinder in industrial automation, it is universal. It consists of a standard profile with two sensor slots or a tie rod sleeve and is available with many variants, options and accessories.

  • Diameter 32 to 320 mm
  • Stroke length 5 to 2800 mm
  • Force 415 to 48250 N
  • Double effect


Cylindrical cylinders according to ISO 6432

It is the ideal cylinder for low load applications requiring low force and limited stroke. These features and its simplicity often lead a machine builder to choose a cylindrical cylinder.

  • Diameter 8 to 25 mm (standard), up to diameter 63 (non-standard)
  • Stroke from 5 to 500 mm
  • Force 19 to 295 N
  • Double-acting, single-acting (rod retracted at rest)


Compact cylinder according to ISO 21287

Specially designed for short-stroke movements, such as indexing, clamping, clamping, ... the compact cylinders have a one-piece design combining power and speed in a small space. The rod is available in a threaded or tapped version and can be mounted with ISO fasteners.

  • Diameter 12 to 125 mm
  • Stroke length 1 to 500 mm
  • Force 51 to 7,363 N
  • Double-acting, single-acting, rod in/out at rest.


Rodless linear cylinder

When axial space is limited or for long strokes, the rodless cylinder proves to be very efficient. It combines a high load force with an extremely low weight. Their extruded aluminium profile with integrated sensor grooves, available with or without guides, offers great flexibility of use.

  • Diameter 8, 12, 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 80 mm
  • Stroke length 5 to 8500 mm
  • Force 30 to 3016 N
  • Guiding option: standard / plain bearing / ball bearing recirculation


Oscillating or rotating cylinder

For angular, not linear movements, the solution is to use a rotary cylinder. Semi-rotary actuators offer the advantage of a reduced mounting space, an adjustable angle of oscillation and are compatible with potentially explosive atmospheres according to the ATEX standard.

There are three different types:


The rotary vane cylinder for low torques and rotations up to 270°.


The oscillating rack and pinion cylinder for higher torques and rotation up to 180°.


The roto-linear cylinder is used for applications that do not require torque.

Actuator for the process industry

Widely used in the process industry, the quarter-turn rack and pinion actuator automates the opening and closing of ball or butterfly valves. Compared to its electrical counterpart, the pneumatic actuator is much more responsive, fast and powerful. It is available in double-acting or spring return versions. Available in several sizes, standardised according to ISO 5211, it can be easily mounted on small valves as well as on larger ones. It can easily be fitted with a wide range of accessories such as a sensor box according to VDI/VDE 3845 or a NAMUR valve for its control.


Elneo is able to supply you with all these pneumatic actuators and more, thanks to recognised partners, oriented towards quality and innovation. Our Key Partner for this product range is FESTO.

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Cylinders are part of our wide range of products available on our e-shop or in shop, deliverable in 24h or 48h.

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