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Pneumatic fittings are parts used to connect sections of pipes, tubes and hoses in pneumatic systems. Within the wide range of industrial connectors, there are three main families of connectors: pipe connectors, threaded connectors and couplers. A connector connects a source of compressed air or pressurised fluid to a point of use, usually via a rigid hose or tube. For each type of hose, tube or thread standard there is a suitable connector!

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Thanks to our select partners, Elneo offers one of the widest ranges of fittings on the market, available from stock. A selection of standard fittings is available in our shop, or you can view the complete range in our webshop.

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Here are the 3 main types of connection encountered in industry:

1. Hose fittings

Hose connectors are used to connect hoses, pipes or unthreaded lines. These connectors can be distinguished according to their operating principle. Push-in fittings, also known as push-in fittings, are the standard in pneumatics and the most widely used. They allow a hose to be inserted very easily and retained automatically. In addition, the hose can be released just as easily by operating a release ring. These couplings are used with hoses with a calibrated outer diameter, usually made of PU (polyurethane) or PA (polyamide).

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Threaded nipples with spline connections allow a hose to be plugged onto its inner diameter. They are usually secured by a hose clamp. Most industrial hoses are compatible with this type of fitting.

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There are also various press fittings, with clamping ring or cutting ring. Quick couplings (CK) or clamping ring couplings secure the hoses with a nut and an inner insert. They are used with calibrated inner and outer hoses. For rigid stainless steel, copper or galvanised pipes, cutting ring or clamping ring fittings are very commonly used.

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2. Threaded fittings

Threaded fittings include a wide range of fittings are available to connect threads of all types and pressure levels. The most frequently used thread adapters are reducing fittings (male/female thread) and double male fittings (male/male thread), followed by sleeves (female/female thread), moulded threaded fittings such as elbows, tees or crosses, and of course plugs and caps.

Most threaded fittings are available with an "imperial" thread: parallel G thread (BSPP) or tapered R thread (BSPT), NPT thread, metric thread or UN / UNF threads. In hydraulics, special threads such as JIC or ORFS can be found.

In our e-shop you will find a wide range of all these fittings and adapters to connect threads of different standards to each other. Each type of thread has its own sealing technique.

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3. Couplings

Couplings are accessories that allow two connectors to be coupled together quickly and easily, while ensuring a good seal. This seal must be guaranteed when the device is coupled, but may also be necessary when the device is uncoupled, for example for the transfer of toxic liquids or gases.

Couplings with a 7.2 mm cross-section are the most common in Europe. They are also commonly referred to as workshop couplings or quick couplings. A wide range of these couplings is available in our e-shop and they are also standard equipment on many of our products.

They are compatible with Parker-Rectus Series 25, 26, 1600 and 1625, TEMA Series 1600, CEJN Series 320, JWL Series 520, 530 and 560, Legris Series 25 and 26, Parker Series PE and PEF, Prevost Series E...07, Festo Series KD4/KS4, IMI-Norgren Series 238, Aventics Series CP1-NW 7 / 7,8 and many other manufacturers.


These couplings are available in brass, nickel-plated brass, steel or stainless steel and are connected by simply plugging in the coupling nipple. Safety couplings according to ISO 4414 / EN983 differ from standard couplings in that the coupling nipple is first vented and then completely disconnected. This prevents the whipping effect that can occur when disconnecting a standard coupling.

Another popular series of quick couplings in Belgium is the ARO or ORION profile, size 5.5 mm. Used for applications requiring lower flow rates, these couplings are compatible with the ARO 210, ORION 44510, CEJN 300, Rectus 14 and 22, JWL Series 512, 522, 523 and 572. 

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Our range also includes similar series of couplings for smaller flows: size NW2.7 and NW5 or larger flows, size NW10 and NW15.

In addition, we offer a wider range of couplings, based on various coupling technologies, such as :

  • Hasco compatible air-conditioning fittings (brass or stainless steel) Malleable fittings, up to +160°C, nominal bore 9 (pivot 13 mm)
  • LinkTech plastic connectors for low pressure liquids, laboratory use, compatible with CPC Colder fittings
  • Fittings specially developed for use in washing machines (WAP, Kärcher or Kränzle) and can be used with water and detergents. They are resistant to high temperatures/high pressures and can be used to connect the washing gun to the hose or the hose to the washing machine.
  • Standardised hydraulic couplings for high pressure fluids, according to ISO 7241-1A, ISO 7241-1B, ISO 16028, ISO 14540, ISO 14541 and can be optionally combined with other manufacturers such as Parker, Rectus, Cejn, Stucci, Faster or Snap-Tite. These couplings can be used in a wide range of applications such as industrial hydraulics, plastics processing, agricultural machinery or construction equipment.
  • Tanker couplings or TW, standardised according to EN 14420-6 (DIN 28450). These couplings consist of a V-part (male part) and an M-part (female part), which are held together by turning the clamping ring lever.
  • Camlock or lever arm couplings, standardised to MIL-C-27487, EN 14420-7 or DIN 2828, all compatible with each other. They allow a quick coupling for large hose diameters. They have the disadvantage that they do not have a non-return valve when uncoupled.
  • Symmetrical couplings where no difference is made between male and female couplings. These couplings are assembled by fitting the parts together with the lugs and then turning them in relation to each other. They are used to connect pneumatic hoses quickly and cheaply. Please note that there is a difference between couplings according to DIN 3489 / DIN 3238 with 42 mm distance between the legs and water couplings with a distance between the legs of 40 mm. We offer both types, but prefer couplings to DIN 3489.
  • Storz couplings, also known as "fireman's couplings", are also symmetrical couplings without locking. Thanks to the rotating pin parts, the couplings are easy to connect and the seals are not affected by rotation.

coupleurs pneumatiques

We can offer a wide range of pneumatic fittings, available on our e-shop or in shop, deliverable within 24 hours.

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