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In our fascinating world of industrial fluids, we encounter many different situations. Each situation is unique and must be viewed as such. That is why we have a very wide range of hoses at Elneo, so that we can always offer the right hose for the right application.

For an overview of the hoses we have in stock, please visit our webshop page for hoses and accessories.

In order to make a suitable choice, we work with the STAMP principle, as follows:

  • S - Size: what is the inside / outside diameter? What is the length?
  • T - Temperature: what is the temperature of the environment / product / medium?
  • A - Application: what is the application of the hose? Is it for air, water, oil, soft drinks, detergent, concrete, sawdust or sand?  Should the hose be transparent? Is this a fixed installation? Is it used outdoors?
  • M - Material: are there any particular requirements regarding the choice of material? Chemical resistance? Granulates causing wear? Can the product generate static electricity? Is it a foodstuff?
  • P - Pressure: what is the pressure level? Or is it a hose for vacuum?
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These are the main types of flexible hoses used in industry:

The PVC standard

This standard transparent air/water PVC hose has a textile fabric reinforcement built into the hose. We can offer this versatile hose from diameter 4 to 50 at lengths of 10, 25 or 50m.

Thanks to its transparent cover, it is often used for fluids and even foodstuffs. In our shop, you will find the TX6; TX8; TX10; TX13; TX19 and TX25 as standard in stock.

For the full range, check out our webstore where you can also choose different colours and find all the tech info per diameter.

Standaard PVC

The durable rubber hose

Workplaces come in all shapes and sizes, a standard PVC hose is not always sufficient in an environment where sharp objects are present or the surface is somewhat rougher. A rubber hose offers the solution here.

With a range of diameters from 6 to 76, this air/water hose is a very flexible solution that you will find in the most diverse environments. The black rubber is also UV-resistant, which significantly increases its service life. A standard rubber hose is suitable up to 10 bar air and 16 bar water.

Our shops are supplied with diameters 8, 10, 13, 19 and 25 mm. All other possibilities can be found via this link.


The indestructible favourite

This hose is the best of all worlds when it comes to compressed air hose, and in a short time this newcomer has become a favourite with many customers. What makes this hose so unique is its light weight - up to 50% less! This is why it is always the first choice of users of compressed air equipment.

A black PU interior and blue TPU cover make this hose very flexible and also resistant to oil and petrol. Garages and workshops will quickly see the great added value of this hose!

Available in the shops at diameter 6, 8, 10 and 13mm


The Elneo champion

As a specialist supplier we are always looking for just what makes us special, a unique hose in TXPU. A revolutionary hose that no longer gets tangled and with a wall thickness of 2mm! It is so light that the hose is not considered a nuisance when used with appliances. We import this hose in coils of 500 meters and can deliver it, tailor-made and with couplings.

Possible diameters are 8 and 10 in colour yellow and blue.


The steel-reinforced PVC hose

This transparent PVC hose with steel reinforcement is our choice for suction and discharge applications. Because of its smooth inside and transparent cover, it is often used for suction or blowing through various liquids and solid media at high vacuum (-0.9 bar).

Because these hoses can also handle a pressure level of 5 to 10 bar, they are very versatile.

Available in diameters from 10 to 152. Follow the web store link to the full range and all technical info.


The "Greek profile" oil hose

This hose is called the "Greek profile" and is characterised by the fact that it can be mounted in very short bends. This oil and petrol resistant hose can be used from -0.8 to +10 bar, making it very popular in pump installations and as a hydraulic return hose.

Available in diameters from 25 to 102 mm.


The food-safe suction hose

These suction hoses in PVC, polyurethane or a mixture of the two are from our range of suction hoses for the food industry.

Available in different diameters, lengths, bending radii and vacuum levels, we always have the most suitable hose for you in our range.


Gas hoses

Gas hoses according to the European standards come in different colours and diameters. All suitable for Propane/Butane, Acetylene or Oxygen. These come in single rolls or as "twin" hoses. 

View the full range here


the TRIX star

The "TRIX" water hose is a widely used water hose thanks to its large temperature range (-40 to +100°C) and good resistance to light chemicals. This EPDM hose is very well UV resistant and remains flexible in use for many years.

Available diameters range from 13 to 50 mm. View the full range via this web store link.


Flexible hoses are part of our wide range of products, available in our e-shop or in-store, delivered within 24 or 48 hours.

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