Pneumatic tools and accessories

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Wide range of accessories and pneumatic tools

In addition to our entire range of pneumatic products, we offer a wide range of pneumatic tools and other accessories.

You can find our blow guns, pneumatic nozzles, inflators, air tools, wrenches, pliers, sprayers, etc. either in our store or online in our webshop.

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Below is an overview of our pneumatic tools

Blow guns and nozzles

Aluminium blow guns are needed in almost every workshop. The gun has an M 12x1.25 thread which can be used with a large number of threaded nozzles. For use with nozzles from other manufacturers, we offer adapters.

We can offer you the all-inclusive gun kits or supply the guns (standard, plastic, high-performance), all types of nozzles and the connections separately.


Focus on our best-seller: Typhoon, the high performance blowing gun

Highly appreciated by our customers, the typhoon stands out from other blowers thanks to the following advantages

  • Significantly higher blowing power than traditional blowguns for high performance dosing
  • Very robust design for a low weight
  • Good grip
  • Integrated safety nozzle

The fully chromed surface is resistant to many chemicals and solvents and is easy to clean. More technical information in our brochure.

soufflette typhoon

Compressed air tools

Pneumatic tools are available on the market in a multitude of very disparate qualities. You will find here: bolt cutters, screwdrivers, ratchet screwdrivers, drills, chipping hammers, etc. For each tool, we indicate in our e-shop a class of requirements, so that you can find the ideal tool for your needs in each case.

Our pneumatic tools are classified into four levels of requirements: normal for occasional use (e.g. in a home workshop), premium for light industrial applications, top of the range for industrial use, and very high for demanding industrial use.

The quality of the compressed air is critical to the life of the tool (pressure, purity, lubrication). Always use filtered, condensate-free and oiled compressed air!

outils pneumatiques

Pneumatic inflator

Our manual tire inflators come with either a lever tip, a service station tip or an instant tip for VG-8 tire valves (7.7 mm valve tip).

Lever tips are attached to the tire valve by folding down the hand lever, instant tips are simply plugged in and service station tips must be pressed onto the valve during inflation.

You can order standard inflators with a 63 mm pressure gauge or professional inflators with an 80 mm pressure gauge. Only the professional model with 80 mm gauge is available with or without calibration. Inflators with 63 mm manometer cannot be calibrated.

gonfleur de pneu

Manufacture of tubes and pipes

Here you will find the tools that are indispensable for the processing of hoses and pipes. We recommend using a hose cutter with a clamp or clip to cut a hose at a right angle without deforming it and without burrs (e.g. for the installation of plug-in fittings). The pipes are cut with pipe cutters (not for cutting ring fittings!) and then deburred inside and out with deburring machines.

With our bending machines, pipes can be bent to defined radii without bending them or reducing the flow. In addition to the bending machines, we also offer crimping machines and crimping jaws, which are required for the assembly of crimping fittings, as well as special crimping machines for the crimping of low-pressure valves.

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Various tools

We also offer various classic industrial tools:

  • pliers
  • wrenches
  • ratchet wrenches
  • screwdrivers, Allen keys, bits, clamps
  • hammers
  • saws
  • files
  • drills and cutters
  • ...

outillage pneumatique

All these pneumatic tools are part of our wide range of products available on our e-shop or in store, deliverable in 24h.

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