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Did you know that the average leakage rate of a compressed air station and its network is nearly 30%? Or that 85% of the costs of your installation come from the cost of the electrical energy used to compress the air? Controlling your leakage rate is therefore essential, at the risk of seeing euros go up in the wind... literally.

Elneo accompanies you in the realization (regular or not) of a detection of leaks on your air network. Thanks to a short detection campaign (half a day to a few days), we help you establish a precise assessment of your leaks (number, flow rate, annual cost, etc.) as well as an estimate of the savings that can be made by repairing them. We also assist you in the selection of products and placement to proceed with the repair and maintenance of your network.

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State-of-the-art technology: Fluke ii900

Our compressed air leak detection campaigns are performed with the Fluke ii900 acoustic camera, a reference solution in the field. 

Equipped with a 64-microphone array that provides a wide field of view, the camera can quickly and accurately locate compressed air, gas and vacuum leaks, even in noisy environments. SoundSightTM technology allows the acoustic image to be superimposed on the visual image. The microphones are capable of capturing sounds with frequencies ranging from 2 to 52 kHz.

The interface allows the sound frequency to be isolated from the leak in order to filter out background noise. The parameters recorded by the camera (distance to the leak, sound level, type of leak, etc.) allow an accurate estimate of the leak rate and annual cost. The parameters of each leak are recorded in the memory of the camera: photos, sound level, leak rate, annual cost, defective equipment, etc. Following this detection campaign, the parameters of each leak are detailed and analyzed in a complete report which is given to you by our technician.

Learn more about this technology in the following video: 

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Analysis of results and repair

During the detection campaign, the technician goes through your entire compressed air network, from the compressor room to the various consumers. He locates a maximum of leaks on the network and the various equipment. 

Following this detection campaign, the technician hands you in a detailed report on your installation: number of leaks, degree of seriousness, ease of repair index, annual leak rate, estimated annual cost, etc. Thanks to this report, you have a clear and precise picture of the reliability of your installation. Our technician will then help you to select together the list of leaks to be repaired, according to their importance and ease of repair.

Thanks to its Pneumatics department, Elneo can provide you with all the parts necessary to repair these leaks, as well as the labor. We offer different formulas adapted to your needs: detection only, detection with replacement parts or detection with parts and placement by us. Contact us to obtain an offer adapted to your needs.

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Discover our leakage rate calculator!

Did you know that at 7 bars, a tiny hole of 1/2 mm diameter can generate a leak of 1m³/h and can cost you from 250 to 500€/year?

Our team of experts has developed this calculator to help you understand the financial impact of leaks in an air network.

Discover our leakage rate calculator

Regularly detecting leaks in your network is of great importance in controlling your production costs.

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