Our team

More than 70 people,
3 sites,
3 departments ...
But only one team !

Support and development

Basile PirlotBasile Pirlot Project Manager
Anne JaumainAnne Jaumain Accountant
Phung NguyenPhung Nguyen Accountant
Christophe LibinChristophe Libin IT Manager
Martine DebryMartine Debry Logistics Manager
Mathieu BouhyMathieu Bouhy General Manager
Alain BossonAlain Bosson Finance Manager
Jonathan BouhyJonathan Bouhy General Manager
Loïc GrifnéeLoïc Grifnée Computer scientist
Marie CoxMarie Cox Graphic designer
Connie Van EgdomConnie Van Egdom Secretary-telephonist
Kirby De MoorKirby De Moor Sales assistant
Jérémy DidderenJérémy Didderen Computer scientist
Florienne HumbletFlorienne Humblet HR Manager
Virginie MeunierVirginie Meunier Finance Manager
Anja De MeyAnja De Mey Logistic Manager


Jerome BrocartJerome Brocart Technician
Laurent LambretteLaurent Lambrette Technician
Eric JoassinEric Joassin Administrative
John DirickxJohn Dirickx Maintenance manager
Frédéric AhnFrédéric Ahn Internal technical support
Arnaud BossonArnaud Bosson Technician
Alain Briquemanne Alain Briquemanne Technician
Alain DevauxAlain Devaux Technician
Kathy OngenaKathy Ongena Internal sales representative
Nadine VinckeNadine Vincke Administrative
Sven GrouwelsSven Grouwels Technician
Nico OllevierNico Ollevier Technician
Thomas Van Gampelaere Thomas Van Gampelaere Technician
Christoph Gevaert Christoph Gevaert Technician
Christophe Vanpeteghem Christophe Vanpeteghem Technician
Klaas Coppieters-AmeyeKlaas Coppieters-Ameye Maintenance manager
Thomas De Bruycker Thomas De Bruycker Internal technical sales representative
François DelavaFrançois Delava Technician
Quinten CrommelinckQuinten Crommelinck Technician


Johan DevosJohan Devos Sales engineer
Isabel PatoIsabel Pato Administrative
Stéphane VerniersStéphane Verniers Instruments Manager
Yoann LevergeoisYoann Levergeois Sales engineer
Jérémie TouahriJérémie Touahri Sales engineer


Jean-François ThewisJean-François Thewis Warehouseman
Dimitri BonisDimitri Bonis Storekeeper
Davy KeeremanDavy Keereman Storekeeper
Gertjan Vermeulen Gertjan Vermeulen Warehouseman


Dominique VanderlindenDominique Vanderlinden Administrative
Maxime DefawesMaxime Defawes Sales engineer
Patrick DanzePatrick Danze Pneumatic manager
Fabiano ZilliFabiano Zilli Sales engineer
Jacky FeiterJacky Feiter Internal sales representative
Robin VanlookRobin Vanlook Sales engineer
Valérie Dullaers Valérie Dullaers Administrative
Michael DebruyneMichael Debruyne Sales engineer
Danny WillemsDanny Willems Pneumatic manager
Elliot BeguinElliot Beguin Internal technical sales representative
Ivan VerspeetIvan Verspeet Sales engineer
Niek DecraeneNiek Decraene Internal technical sales representative
Gunther DeschepperGunther Deschepper Internal technical sales representative


Maxime MassonMaxime Masson Sales engineer
Damien HumbletDamien Humblet Sales engineer
Jos Van HoyeJos Van Hoye Consultant
André BaumeAndré Baume Consultant
Gregory PottieGregory Pottie Sales engineer
Vicky Sadones Vicky Sadones Administrative
Guy Van CaekenberghGuy Van Caekenbergh Sales engineer
Pierre-Yves ColleyePierre-Yves Colleye Compressor manager
Youssef AddibYoussef Addib Sales engineer

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