Why is air filtration essential ?

Before being distributed in the network, the air must be partially or totally treated, most of the time de-oiled and de-dusted. Therefore, a filtration chain is necessary in order to provide the network with air of optimal quality.

To achieve optimum efficiency, it is essential to size the filter chain according to the flow rate of your compressors, your peak flow demand, the pressure of the compressed air, and the desired air quality class.

Elneo is here to help you choose the type and combination of air filters adapted for your needs since there are different filtration grades required for different types of applications (general use, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, breathing air, sterile air ...).


Parker's Oil-X Evolution range for optimal filtration

Parker Domnick Hunter's OIL-X line of air filters has been designed to meet the air quality requirements of all ISO8573-1 editions, and the stringent ISO12500-1 requirements. All Parker Domnick Hunter products are designed not only to minimize the use of compressed air and electrical energy while operating, but also to significantly reduce compressor operating costs by minimizing pressure losses.

Specifications :

  • Removal of bulk liquids, water and oil aerosols, ambient dirt and solid particles, rust, oil vapour, pipe scale and microorganisms
  • Coalescing filter performance tested according to the strict requirements of ISO12500-1, ISO8573-2 and ISO8573-4 standards
  • Dry particulate filter performance tested in accordance with ISO8573-4 requirements

Benefits :

  • The best air quality
  • Lowest pressure loss
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Lowest CO2 emissions
  • Lowest total cost of ownership

filtres air comprimé

Filtration grades :

filtration grade

All these grades are available as retrofit elements for the different brands of filters on the market.

    Technical specifications : 

    • Flows : max 38 Nm³/min in standard range (max 500 Nm³/min in special version)
    • Pressure : 16 Bar or 20 Bar maximum
    • Quality class ISO 8573 : 1.-.1 (depending on configuration)

    Documentations : 

    Our other peripherals for compressed air



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