Reciprocating compressors

Reciprocating compressor

Wat is a reciprocating compressor ?

For many years, reciprocating compressors have been the most common machines for producing compressed air. When the need for flow is low and not permanent, piston compressors are very good solutions for a limited investment. Especially for small businesses, garages, paint shops, mechanical production...

Reciprocating compressor

  • The HLA series of reciprocating compressors all incorporate a two-stage compression block with 3 cylinders (two cylinders for the first stage), with efficient cooling between the two compression stages
  • Compressors with 90, 270 or 500 litre receivers are available in mobile or fixed versions 
  • The tanks are manufactured in accordance with the European directives 2009/105/EC and 2014/68/EC
  • For correct operation, fixed compressors must be installed on correctly levelled anti-vibration mounts that are supplied with the compressor. Furthermore, for cooling purposes, a minimum distance of 50 cm must be maintained to the nearest wall and it is necessary to check the correct direction of rotation (as for any three-phase compressor)
  • Also available in flat base version, without tank for easy integration on machine frame and replacement of existing installation
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Reciprocating compressor

  • All important components such as CYLINDERS, CULASSE, RODS and PISTONS are made of high quality cast iron
  • LARGE WINGS for better cooling
  • CYLINDER SHAFT with double bearings for better stability and dynamically balanced
  • CRANKSHAFT made of high strength alloy steel and balanced for better stability
  • Large stainless steel VALVES, with better resistance to temperature and corrosion, which provide a greater flow
  • Large CARTER for high coolant availability
  • Oversized PULLEY for optimal head cooling
  • HOUR METER on all sizes, integrated in the control head
  • SOFT START integrated from 5,5 kW (4kW optional on request)

Technical specifications :

  • Power :
    from 1,5 to 11 kW
  • Pressure :
    up to 10 bar (for higher pressures, please consult us)

Documentation : 

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