AirConnect: compressor monitoring

Let technology bring you peace of mind

Innovation is one of the most important strategic axes for Elneo. This is why we have taken the lead and jumped on board in Industry 4.0. It is becoming increasingly clear that those who will be able to effectively exploit their companies' data will be the ones who will be able to give themselves the tools they need to stand out from their competitors.

To do so, we want to become a first choice partner for your compressed air needs. This is why we have developed AirConnect.

compresseur connecté

Elneo AirConnect

Thanks to the installation of a simple connection kit connected to your compressors, we will permanently receive data from your compressor (operating hours, idle running hours, alarms, flow, pressures, etc.). The box communicates by 4G allowing the installation of the kit without any modification of your system or any intervention on your part. The installation of this box will be entirely managed by our technicians.

The data are sent on a platform that has been developed by Elneo. This has given us expertise for your connectivity needs. More over, it allows us to connect other machines than your compressors on our platform. We can also develop customized dashboards on demand.

    What's in it for you?

    • Complete view of your compressed air system at any time and in real time
    • Automatic email notification when an alarm is triggered on your compressors
    • Complete energy report on your machines allowing you to follow the evolution of your consumption.
    • In addition to your energy report, we offer various solutions to reduce your consumption, in order to monitor the impact of the actions implemented and calculate their profitability.
    • History of your data
    • Remote analysis of your data by Elneo before maintenance of your installation
    • In case of failure, possibility to make a first diagnosis during your call and perhaps to solve the problem remotely, without on-site intervention.
    • Facilitation of contact with our teams and access to the technical documentation of your machines
    • Provision of unique URLs that link to dynamic dashboards that update in real time

    In short, AirConnect helps you reduce compressor downtime and reduce energy consumption.


    An example? Find out how AirConnect helped us avoid a production shutdown at one of our customers ↴

    Choose the package that best suits your needs: 

    A risk-free connection

    This communication is done via a 4G connection. This way, we do not need to connect to your computer system and thus avoid creating a gateway for hostile intrusions from outside.

    Furthermore, this system is only programmed to read information about your compressed air installation. It is therefore physically impossible for the customer and for Elneo as well as for any ill-intentioned person to take control of the installation via our system.

    The only people who have access to the information are Elneo's after-sales service, if necessary, the technical services of the Gardner Denver plant and the users. The data passes through a secure external platform and is not accessible to third parties.

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