Audit and assembly

Elneo being first and foremost a service company, we want to do more than just sell compressors and other equipments. Our engineers will accompany you from the first contact to the final installation and commissioning of your compressors, including an audit and a thorough study of your compressed air needs.

Whether you have a brand new project and are starting from scratch or you want to update your compressed air installation, Elneo is committed to offering you decades of expertise in the installation of your compressors and air treatment equipment.

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Complete installation of the compressed air station :

The installation of a compressed air station is our business.

We have technicians present throughout Belgium who are ready to put their know-how at your disposal to assemble and commission your new compressor installation.

Using Transair technology, we connect your different equipments in all simplicity, for a quick and efficient result.

We offer you a clean installation for an easy start-up.


AUDIT: understanding your needs

Get the most out of your compressed air system.

With rising energy costs being a reality for businesses, the performance and efficiency of your compressed air systems has never been more important. The potential energy savings not only reduce your company's environmental impact, but also allow you to make your bottom line profitable.

"Since 2005, the average cost of electricity in Europe has risen by more than 60%, which is why our customers are constantly looking for new ways to reduce their consumption.


How does this benefit you ?

We will identify the criteria for improving your compressor plant

On the investment side

10 to 20% of the savings are usually realized on the compressed air system supplier's side by identifying areas for improvement in the following areas : 

  • Equipment
  • Technology
  • Orders
  • Monitoring
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Installation Problems
On the energy side

An additional 20-30% savings are achieved on the demand side of the compressed air system by identifying areas for improvement in the following areas : 

  • Compressed air leaks
  • Artificial demand
  • System Dynamics
  • System design
  • Monitoring 

graphique air insite

How does it work? 

Concrete yield analysis through innovative energy consumption analysis

It combines unique application expertise with proven hardware and software platforms to offer you a complete analysis service. We are able to perform the following measurements:

  • Amps
  • Volts
  • Pressure
  • Pressure dew point
  • Temperature
  • Any signal between 4 and 20 mA
  • Actual flow rate

Advanced energy analyzer for compressed air

Our dataloggers incorporate high quality sensors to collect and store information related to pressure, temperature, dew point and system flow. Our current and voltage dataloggers allow accurate measurement and calculation of real power, energy costs are calculated from these measurements.

Then, our software allows us to analyze, produce tables and graphs and prepare professional audit reports.

Finally, simulations allow us to show you your savings by simulating the use of other compressor configurations (fixed and variable) different from your current installation, in order to find the ideal configuration.

Saving money has never been easier.

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